Small Businesses and Social Media Advertising Strategy.

If you want to build your business through powerful marketing strategies with no stress of worrying how it is done, then this is for you, let me show you how.

NOTE THIS: No matter what type of goods you produce or what kind of service you offer, advertising tops the list as the most important after production but it should be affordable and most of all should include social media advertising. Now the question is?:

How much does it really cost to advertising on social media?

How much do you need to pay for social media Ads?

Four dollars? = $5 Forty dollars? =$40 Four hundred dollars?= $400 + Well, you should not be throwing money away, that much we know.

Marktyou is renowned for its reputation as one of the few affordable social media advertising concept agencies; focusing on building brands for long term growth and of course, profitability. This is because we care very much about grooming you and your small businesses into fast-growing big businesses or famous personalities. We groom. We make. We help you become!

These are some key points I would like you to Note when thinking of advertising your small business on social media.

As for more in-depth strategies on how to really use social media and it’s benefits, read this document letter

  • Think for a moment: If you had to buy oxygen to live and you found out that it is cheap and affordable, but there is just one person who sells it, will that person need to advertise his product before you buy? No. Right?
  • This means, a market place with just one good and service don’t need any advertisement (Ads) but it’s important to know that Ads are needed in a market where there are many providers of the same goods and services.

Ok let’s look at Advertising, (Ads, for short) this way.

The road maps to particular providers of goods and service that are found in that marketplace

Yet, the question consumers always ask is: which one is the best?

Many businesses have answered this question in many ways using their understanding of the needs of their consumers. The big problem arises where there is more than one provider of the exact same good or service. Consumers become too confused to make a precise pick among the many product offers. What choice will they make? The best choice? Yes. You’re right again!

For these reasons, consumers begin to buy something more than the product they need. The choices are too many and just thinking about which white is whiter than white is enough to get one crazy. So the consumer now selects their provider, not only based on what they provide but on how the selected product makes them feel. It becomes an entertainment, visual, purpose-driven game.

5 Types Of Consumers That Influence The Way Advertising is done Today.

which can be very good for small businesses…

  1. Some people buy what they see all the time in some cases.
  2. While some others buy into the stories of brands.
  3. Some try to belong to a class of people through a product or service.
  4. It will also interest you to know that, some even buy to feel like they are helping or promoting an idea (like an NGO selling to use the money to help, or a handicapped person trying to cover his/her disability and more)
  5. Some just buy because the product is the closest to them and a careful selection does not really matter.

But What do consumers really want at the end of the day?

Honestly, consumers are just looking for self-satisfaction and truly, some Ads today are fully designed to give that particular information. While others are just being obvious, they want you to buy what they are selling.

There are so many ways today ads are sent out into the market and this is why having a great concept/strategy is an awesome idea. You cannot just go out to tell people about your product or yourself because millions of businesses have already come to say the same thing; and if you are the first, we are convinced that there are many others coming to tell it better than you.

My best tips or Idea For small businesses with limited Capital.

Every successful business needs an advertising department but most importantly they need an advertising agency. The agency will mostly be working for them on a contract basis and will give them the best out-of-the-box ideas that they can have and if they are not happy, they can always change them. I also want you to take off some time and read this article we wrote to help you understand the power of social media. (7 social media advertising benefits & 7 easy steps on how to get your business on it.)

Just like the consumers get confused when there are lots of advertisers, the producers also find it a challenge to choose which advertising agency is best for them. You do know where this is going right? Right! You can’t be wrong!

Welcome To Marktyou.

We offer the best flexible pricing for Ads creation; By providing you with the most affordable but effective digital marketing service through strategic social media Advertising that will drive high traffic to your business and increase sales.

Our top-of-the-game ideas will help you create the Ads you need; this is because we understand why people buy what. Also because we understand people are more loyal to brands, so, we create strategic brand development Advertisements to help you grow your business for the long term.

We don’t just help you sell more. We build a strong community behind your business. And your community is everything.

See our 3key strategies to take your business to the next level



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