7 Easy Steps to Grow your Business on Social Media.

They are 2 ways to use social media to grow your business, 1 is to get someone competent to do it for you or do it yourself. we came up with these 7 easy steps to grow your business on Social Media.

Billions of people are actively using social media globally and this number keeps growing tremendously. This trend has made the social media an ideal market place offering great opportunities to all brands who chose to utilize it adequately. Businesses actively present on social media do enjoy remarkable benefits especially in the areas of brand visibility and loyalty.

What Is Social Media Anyway?

As you may know, social media consists of a series of virtual networking platforms which are made available to a wide range of people across the world with access to internet.

Today, the Social Media is apparently the quickest way to spread or disseminate information around the world and create a sense of relevance. Apart from the usual Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and WhatsApp, new social networking apps keeping popping up everyday. These are increasingly becoming the most impactful marketing tools for businesses all over the world. Everyone seemingly wants to catch up with this express train.

Why Businesses need Social Media?

More than 3 billion social media users actively follow at least one business account. The Users freely communicate their impressions and preferences. Businesses use these comments and reviews to make informed decisions about the development of their brands .

Social media tools are affordable and easy to understand. Therefore every businesses can conveniently use this to reach and convert their target population without a huge marketing budget. On social media you don’t have to be tech savvy to get more customers.

Imagine a world with free but effective advertising, that is the social media. Don’t just spend time on social media, use your social media accounts to grow your business.

Did you Know?


In this digital age, most of your future clients are online searching for and finding businesses like yours to patronize. This is obviously stress free and convenient so make yourself visible online. Barbershops, restaurants, boutiques, all businesses can entice and convince prospects or customers with just one outstanding post.

No matter where you are, at this particular moment someone close to you is searching for the services that you can offer but since you’re not on social media and have no website, or you simply misuse your platforms, they can’t find you except by accident.

Nowadays, some people evaluate the authenticity of your business by your online activity.

Some businesses don’t even need physical location anymore because their business is thriving exceptionally online. You too can make remarkable profit from anywhere. This is the wonder of the digital age.

Businesses like yours have improved brand visibility through regular and relevant posts online. Your online platform is a more visible branch of your business, Utilize it, Enjoy it!

7 easy steps on how to get your business on social media.

  • Set Your Goals:

These will help you stay focused and guide you throughout your marketing experience. Just like you set goals when you started your business, you need to set social media marketing goals. Tips: what do I expect from the social media? Try to be specific.

  • Choose the Best Platform:

There are lots of social media platforms out there. The popularity of the platform is important but even more important is an understanding of where you can find your target audience. Try to find out where brands like yours sell more. Fit your square peg in a square hole.

  • Do Your Research:

Check out when your targets are online and the types of content that engage them. You should also find out which social media features will work for you and increase engagements like hashtags, insights, filters, stories, etc. Tips: Note that in most cases you cannot have all this data immediately. You can source it from other businesses like yours. You can also try out different time slots, different types of posts and before long, you will have the relevant data. With proper management, your platform will eventually enhance the growth of your business.

  • Create Your Content:

Create posts or copies that will help you achieve business goals. Make your social media content relevant to prospects and make sure your the quality of your visuals is topnotch. You can also make business content 50% of all your content and dedicate some space for other valuable and enriching contents. It could be inspirational quotes, tutorials or just anything that will sustain your follower’s interest and keep them coming back.

  • Create A Calendar:

Schedule your posts. Post specific subjects and messages on specific dates. This regularity and precision makes your audience stay on the look out for you. Find applications that can help you create and plan posts in advance. Leave your email address in the comment section and expect a mail to guide you on this.

Promote Trust and Loyalty:

This is basically about user – generated content. Post about consumer testimonials . Organize opinion polls about business related subjects. Posts about your employees and their impressions also sell and build traffic. Tips: Try not to overwhelm your audience with “Buy” messages.

  • Promote through Partnerships:

 Advertising with Facebook by Martyou. You can partner with influencers to promote your business or brand. Use free or paid ads to promote your account or contents. You can promote your website, blog or other online platforms on partner platforms with better traffic or greater visibility. Tips: Paid Ads on social media are very complex. If you are not adequately informed about the modalities, contact a professional social media marketer to guide you. Marktyou can be of great help. We are all about improving small businesses via web.  

Note: In social media marketing, Proper management is key. Use feedback or comments and reviews to upgrade so as to enhance growth.


Many love spending time on social media. As an entrepreneur you can have fun as well as generate income from your time spent on social media.

Social media helps you connect with other businesses and influencers you may need. Your platform can host a community of networks to help promote your business.

This is your chance to reach your prospects all over the world simultaneously.

Little cost, tremendous results.

Build a relationship with your customers and prospects.

Marktyou is a digital marketing agency that can help you manage your social media accounts and websites while you focus on other aspects of your business. Contact us today. We make magic at an affordable rate.

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